Saturday, February 18, 2012


I hear the birds on top of my house. I see details of the fire crackling, the cat sneaking around the corner, the chalk dust floating off the hands of the lifter. Mesmerizing. I feel emotions of those around me - the hidden meanings. I also feel pain more clearly. My hands as they tear on the pull up cage. My lungs as they gasp for breath on the 3rd round. I feel the 5 extra pounds on the barbell with stunning acuity.

Clarity of mind, body and it's root? Clean eating. How much have I missed? How many details were lost in a cloud of obscurity as my body tried to fend off the poison I was steadily ingesting? Chemicals. Alcohol. Diet products. Grains.

Dare to be spartan in your food and drink choices. Get ready for the opulence life is waiting to provide. Better than drugs.

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