Friday, November 16, 2012

Why do you hang out with Crossfitters all the time?

There are a million reasons, but here are a few:

1. Crossfitters are strong and passionate about life.  I like that!  They are passionate and opinionated about different things, and often, in opposing ways, but they CARE.  They aren't content to live life on auto-pilot.

2. (and this is huge).  Non Crossfitters make me feel gigantic and bulky.  At my box, I'm a bit on the weak side with skinny arms.  At the elementary school luncheon?  I'm huge.  As in hulking.  My shoulders are twice the width and my booty sticks out farther. Men stare at my traps in horror/jealousy. Women get a blank look when they notice the blisters on my hands and the bruises on my collarbone.   I love my body, but standing next to a size 2 blond in skinny jeans?  I feel like a moose.  My Crossfit peeps are powerful.

3. Crossfitters can laugh at themselves.  Hell, we've all humiliated ourselves in front of each other at least once (or 20x).  We have nothing to prove to each other.  We can laugh at our weaknesses.

4. Crossfitters are funny as hell.  I don't care what the subject is.  Food, muscles, hot guys, religion...the conversation is generally going to be laced with innuendo, f-bombs, and mocking.

5. Crossfitters GET what it means to be balls-to-the-wall about stuff.  They respect it.  I'm balls-to-the-wall about my volunteer work.  Some girls are balls-to-the-wall about competition.  Others (most) are balls-to-the-wall about clean eating.  No judgement - find your sweet spot and 3..2..1..go.

6. It's easy to party with paleo eaters.  You don't have to say "Paleo" bbq potluck.  If you have a potluck, it will be paleo.  Period.  I don't have to explain myself, apologize, or bring my own dish that only I like.

7.  Crossfitters have work ethic.  Every day is about not being satisfied with "good enough."  Lift heavier.  Run faster.  Take fewer breaks.  There is always room for improvement, and Crossfitters embrace that.