Saturday, February 18, 2012

A convo with my younger cuz in FL - how could I have so much in common with a 17 year old boy?

Deborah Davila Linne
Ok, dude, I'ma tell you a story, but you might need to sit down. Yesterday's wod was 50 burpees, then 21, 15, 9 of sdhp and pulls ups, then 150 DU's. I don't love DU's, but I can string together 5-10 of them, so I'm thinking that it will take me some time, but I'll get through it. WELL. I get through the first part of the wod, running a little behind and start my DU's. Within 5 minutes, everyone was done and I had 40. Not shitting you, 40. Then it went downhill and I would miss, miss, do 1. Miss, do 1. Miss miss miss, do 2. It took me 25 minutes, I kid you not. The entire crew was there cheering me on and I wanted to freaking strangle someone with the jumprope. Sam kept encouraging me and giving me tips. A couple of times I would walk over to him ready to give up and he'd look at me like "don't even **** with me. " and would give me a tip and tell me to try again. I literally did 1 at a time for 20 minutes while the rest of the crew watched (at least 12 people there yesterday). It was humiliating, horrifying, etc., but I just tried to keep my cool. I knew panicking wasn't going to get the job done.

Anyway, when I hit 150 I just sat down on the ground and it was like a dog pile of people. Some of my girls were crying. A few people said they had never seen anything like it with someone refusing to give up. I was in a freaking daze.

So dude, it was seriously ugly, but for some reason with this *** sport, people look more at your heart and your ethic than your output. THEN, Sam made me stay 15 minutes after and practice with him to try and get my timing back! hahaha!

Ahhhh...I fought tears all afternoon thinking "I have no business being there," but everyone's encouragement has me ready to go back today and kick ass.

So there ya go.

February 8Joshua Pena
thats what i love about our sport. even the top athletes, the elite athletes, the athletes at the games, while the games are goin on, even during the wod, they are cheering each other on. Its so competitive at that level, and its the nicest competition i've ever seen. its like no other sport i've ever seen. ever. an thats what sets us apert from everyone else, is the people, our community. Dude, thats awesome that even with all that frustration you pulled through. and didn't quit. haha thats an inspiration to me, to never quit, to never give in, to never stop. i saw that pic an was wonderin what was up ha. dude i'm so happy an proud that you fought through. I bet you mind was startin to get to you, tellin you things like why am i doin this, or why dont i just quit. I love doin wods that are so humbling like that. like, doin somethin that kicks my ass, somethin that proves to me, no matter how good i think am, i still have a lot work i need to do. It is humbling too, like there are a lot of guys at school who have a big head, they got this huge muscular body an think they are all that, an think they are all physically fit, i'd like to see them do a crossfit wod. an then they will find out how much they have to work on ha. especially some of the football players. like some of them i think will do really good at crossfit, but some are pretty big an strong, but too **** lazy to do somethin like crossfit. **** Kudos to you Deb!! you've earned it, and you've done **** awesome, i wish i coulda been there, yelling, cheering you on! Cheering you on as one of my fellow crossfitters. and cheering you as my cousin, as my family. ha good job, dont ever quite doin what you do:D

February 8Deborah Davila Linne
thanks, bro. It was a "come to Jesus" moment fo sho. Yes, I wanted to quit so badly, or switch to SUs. But I kept thinking, will it be more embarrassing to do one DU at a time? Or to quit? Quitting was not an option. I felt trapped and I wanted to scream, but I'm telling you, the character I built in that one single wod was worth more than most people do in a lifetime. What I love about crossfit is that it is such a community of people who love each other that we are willing to expect the absolute BEST and MOST of each other. So many people gave me props today and what I loved most was the people who gave me shit, like the dude who's started calling me the "Queen of the DU." hahahahaha!

Yeah, those muscle heads at your school have no idea! Sam had some elite endurance road bikers come in to train with him last summer and within 4 minutes of the 1st wod, they were crying. This is not for pansies! I love being humbled b/c I know that it leads to growth of mind, body and spirit. It's good shit, this crossfit. You gotta wish you could take those fat lazy football players through Fran just once. hahaha

I'm thinking one day we're gonna have to publish our IMs as something like, "Confessions of Crossfit addicts" or some shit like that! haha!

February 8Joshua Pena
hahaa thats awesome, i never thought about that. That would be funny, i'm sure just about every Xfitter could relate to our IM's ha. an thats the perfect name too ha. yea, you feel so much..... idk, better or confident. your character is bult up so much, and i walk a lot taller with my head held a lot higher then i use to, before crossfit. i mean its not really that much higher, i'm perty short an i'm done growing, i've all ready decided ha;) But our community, is awesome, we love each other. i think its awesome when i find a fellow crossfitter because of his/her shirt an we can talk for hours an we just met. ya know. like you and i. ever since in december we started talkin, and i dont know if we have gone a week without talkin ha;) the community is truly like no other. haha an yeah, to get someone who thinks they are bad ass to do fran would be awesome, they'd realize pretty quick that they need to start gettin their shit together, an start trainin right.

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